Case Study

A major cricket club contacted us as their present security services were not providing ample security for their site. The hospitality and banqueting marquees were at the time being vandalised and plundered on a nightly basis; causing the site to waste valuable money on replacements and repairs.


We visited the cricket club and set out a thorough security plan; one that would prevent such security breeches happening in the future and to date that promise has been kept and no further problems have reoccurred since the security plan was put in place.


How did we do it?


The strategy is simple

Problem > Visit & Assess > Resolution

Same Day Service

Communication is Key

You speak to one not many


4 years ago we were asked by a college in Bishops Stortford to combat the damage caused by leavers as their Security Company had failed, we assessed the site and in the time we have been there have been no reports of further damage.


We are constantly complimented on our standards of security and staff performance.


Decisive Decisions

Responsive Thinking

Good Public Relations

Constantly Improving

Pride in our Appearance


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